“Watch Her Vanish”

Bonnie McMillan vanished, was swallowed up by the earth, gone.  “Watch Her Vanish” is told in alternating points of view so readers know get to know the characters, what they say, what they think, and what they do. Events are seen from different perspectives, so readers know what characters do not. Interspersed between the narratives are newspaper reports providing yet another view of the situation. The characters are multifaceted with complicated pasts that are slowly unveiled. There are failed relationships, secrets obstacles to overcome, and the heaviest kind of baggage, the mental kind.

The plot is compelling; the search for the killer intensifies, and the body count increases. The killer is manipulative and systematic. Evidence is uncovered not due to carelessness but as the result of calculated planning. Clues point in one direction, but inconsistencies muddle the investigation and possibly point to the wrong people. Each chapter ends with trauma, surprise, purposeful action, or unanswered question to entice readers to continue reading.

“Watch Her Vanish” is unpredictable with problematical characters who at times give in to impulses for total destruction. It is well organized and compelling. I received a review copy of “Watch Her Vanish” from Ellery A. Kane and Bookouture.