“Blind Vigil”

“Blind Vigil” by Matt Coyle finds Rick Cahill starting his life over again. It is part of a series, and while it is important to read the entire series to fully appreciate Rick, his troubled past, and his complicated journey, this book briefly introduces each character and incorporates relationships into current scenarios to help new readers catch up on previous action.

Rick’s plight unfolds in his first person narrative. His years as a private investigator enabled him to pursue his own version of truth, and yet when he ultimately confronted that one great wrong, he generated a disaster. His previous life ended when he was shot, and people he cared about died as a result of his actions.

 The story is essentially Rick’s redemption as he searches for truth in his world of darkness. He talks directly to the reader as he goes through each day, each new experience, each frustration, and each tiny success. He also talks to himself – a lot. Rick struggles with everything; he battles his own guilt, and his physical limitations.  He wallows in self-pity, aches for a better life, and craves redemption. However, somewhere in his world of darkness there lurks a killer, and he is driven to save those who are left after losing so many friends in the past.

Rick Cahill is a dark, distressed person; he suffers unendingly in this book and in every book, but trauma has initiated some tiny amount of change. He attempts to distance himself from his past guilt and find a glimmer of brightness in future. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however, and as the story unfolds, he achieves a modicum of self-confidence, independence, and proficiency. While this book can certainly be read by itself, to get the full impact, new readers should at least read book one “Yesterday’s Echo,” and book six, “Lost Tomorrows.” I recommend the entire Rick Cahill series.

I received a review copy of “Blind Vigil” from Matt Coyle and Oceanview Publishing. The fact that “Blind Vigil” exists at all is a tribute to the exceptional writing skill of Matt Coyle. Most writers would have stopped with “Lost Tomorrows.” Thanks Matt for pushing readers to the brink and wrenching us back. Only time will tell what the future holds.