“A Brotherhood Betrayed”

“A Brotherhood Betrayed” documents the history of “Murder, Inc.” probably the worst ring of killers in American history. The tale begins at the end, on November 12, 1941, in Brooklyn; Abe Reles, the assassin-in-chief, plummeted from a hotel room to his death on a roof below. What follows is a look at how the participants came to this point in time, how the “mob” came to wield so much power and wreak so much havoc on the world. It is compelling and frightening. The dark true-life opera unfolds as readers are taken back in time to when it all started, to the humble beginnings in small time neighborhoods and how people evolved into villains, potentates, and snitches.

“A Brotherhood Betrayed” reads like fiction, but it is only too real, and vivid descriptions pull readers into the scenes. This is not a dry history of crime; this is an exposé on people who just happen to be criminals, who are deadly adversaries to both friend and foe. I received a review copy of “A Brotherhood Betrayed” from Michael Cannell, St Martin’ Press, and Minotaur Books. It is frightening and compelling. It also contains detailed sources, references, and notes, and  including a YouTube link to Estes Kefauver’s appearance on “What’s My Line.”