Magnolia James, Maggie, age twenty-three, had her worsts fear come to fruition. She has traveled to Seaside Beaumont Cove, a slightly rundown yet picturesque town, a place almost at the edge of the world, and a place with secrets. She is there to identify the body of her twin sister Lilly, and she is positive Lilly was killed by her husband, Mike. To most people, Lilly’s relationship with Mike seemed “fine,” but from the start, it never felt right to Maggie; Lilly’s death confirmed her worst fears.

The story unfolds in Maggie’s first person narrative. She is on an emotional roller coaster and shares her despair and guilt with readers. Maggie had abandoned Lilly when her sister needed her the most; none of this was Lilly’s fault; Lilly was her best friend; she was broken, Supporting characters sometimes help and sometimes hinder Maggie’s quest to obtain justice for Lilly, but this is Maggie’s mission alone, her search for redemption for Lilly and her pursuit of peace for herself. She needs to find answers to complex questions surrounding Lilly’s murder, and people are not telling the truth. Details of the past come to light in unusual ways as Maggie searches for both physical and emotional links to Lilly.

“Broken” reveals the devastating consequences of serial abuse. I received a review copy of “Broken” from John Rector and Thomas & Mercer Publishing. It was both poignant and chilling.

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An emotional rollercoaster