“The Jailbird’s Jackpot”

“The Jailbird’s Jackpot” by PJ Colando is the newest addition to the “Faith, Family, Frenzy!” series, but new readers will be able to jump right into Amy Breeden’s story. She spent 2,000 days in a Michigan Penitentiary and has been released early. Amy is ready to return to society and seek revenge on those who “wronged” her. She is filled with unusual ideas, but first like others in her extended circle of friends and family, she buys a lottery ticket. Luck shines on her, and she wins; wins big.

Amy’s adventure unfolds from her point of view; readers listen in on her thoughts and plans. They eavesdrop as she encourages herself and justifies her own actions. The language and cadence of the narrative mirrors Amy’s frantic, overstimulated brain and sense of self-interest. The assortment of characters, both friend and foe, whom she encounters along her journey are just as colorful. Amy’s journey is one of revelation and revenge, from jail to jackpot, toward her ultimate goal of empowerment and confidence.

“The Jailbird’s Jackpot” is quick to read and filled with wit and wisdom. Readers easily root for Amy despite her mistakes. I was given a review copy of “The Jailbird’s Jackpot” by PJ Colando. The humor and twists keep readers turning pages and chuckling right to the end. Best of all, questions are answered.