”Find Them Dead”

”Find Them Dead” by Peter James is part of The Detective Superintendent Roy Grace Series, but it is not necessary to have read the other books to enjoy this one. Characters are introduced and incorporated easily into current scenarios to help new readers catch up on previous events. Roy Grace has grown and changed throughout the series, and now his family is Cleo, Bruno, and Noah, however, the family dynamic is not without complications. His professional life is complicated as well; in a recent temporary assignment in London, he dealt with epidemic drug-dealing gangs and turf wars between gangs.

As the story unfolds, events are shown from different points of view, giving a global perspective; this allows readers to get to know all the players well and to know what others do not. Chapters conveniently identify day and date. Readers get a firsthand look at varied lives of criminals and their crimes. The action is intense, and divergent scenarios include drug smuggling, classic cars, serial killers, manipulating juries, and everything in between.

Roy Grace likes his job; he relishes the mental challenge of a murder scene, especially in potentially high-profile cases. Of course things are always complicated, and he also has to deal with the jumbling of things by his “arch enemy” on the force, supervisor Cassian Pewe. James is as skillful storyteller and expertly balances personal stories with criminal events. Divergent events dovetail to form a complete scenario. Grace and his colleagues are professional, well trained, and sometimes lucky, very seriously lucky. “Find Them Dead” is a persuasive and gripping book. Regular readers will find Grace’s complicated personal life intriguing, and fans of crime fiction will be drawn in by the elaborate crimes and detailed police investigations. There is also a convenient glossary of ranks and abbreviations included