“Blunt Force”

“Blunt Force” immediately immerses readers into the police procedure, the action, and the characters. Jane Tennison is now working out of Gerald Road police station. As a woman officer, she is still not totally accepted in the force, plus during her past assignments, she rattled a few cages.

The narrative is filled with visual descriptions, everyday conversations, and emotional outcomes. There are departmental politics, petty gripes, and justified indignation. The pages bring characters to life by documenting everyday activities with family and friends. There are lots of “petty” crimes and nuisance calls, and the officers all wanted just want something they can get their teeth into, a decent violent crime. When a report comes in of a dog barking all night and still whining in the morning, they get their wish.

The plot is complex and sensational. The police have a victim who is a member of the show business community, so the case is all over the media.  During the investigation, all sorts of surprising things come to the surface, and everything is complicated, very, very complicated. Things get nastier minute by minute. An incident from Tennison’s past comes back into play with surprising implications. There are mistakes, successes, missteps, bad hunches, good decisions and the solid investigative police work that readers have come to expect from DS Tennison.

“Blunt Force” is easy to read with likeable and realistic characters.  I received a copy of “Blunt Force” from Lynda La Plante and Bonnier Zaffre USA. It is book six of the series, but new readers will easily follow. Any information needed from past books is seamlessly included as part of the current narrative, and will encourage readers to explore previous books.