“The First to Lie”

How far will an investigative reporter go for a story?

“The First to Lie” is the story of people and the lies they tell every day. Lies have a complicated half-life; some seem to be innocent and purpose driven, but even innocent lies can take on lives of their own and destroy. This is the story of people and the treacherous paths that lies lead them down.

The story unfolds from the point of view of each of the various characters, and chapters are conveniently labeled for readers. The characters are complex, multifaceted, and compelling, and they all tell lies, lies, lies, right from the very start. Nora Quinn is a sales representative for Pharminex, a company whose popular drug Monifan has a rare but devastating side effect. Ellie Berensen is a reporter for a start-up TV station who is looking for an opening exposé. She wants Pharminex to be that blockbuster story, and she is seeking victims of Monifan, real human beings, with tender hopes and fears, with desires and bitter disappointments, who will share their stories.  Lies start with a hint of honesty and yet as lies are compounded layer upon layer, the truth becomes almost unrecognizable. The challenge for readers is to separate out the liars from the truth tellers, not an easy task.

“The First to Lie” is character sketches of people who are lying while trying to discover who else is doing the same thing. It is about how people think and what they do, who they really are and who they want to be, and ultimately the lies they all tell to get what they want. I received a review copy of “The First to Lie” from Hank Phillippi Ryan, Forge Books, and Macmillan Publishing, and purchased my signed copy at an independent bookstore event. The first lie was the beginning of a never ending flow of lies that continued without regard for the price those lies exacted on everyone.