“The Burden of Truth”

The Burden of Truth

“The Burden of Truth” is the story of a tragedy that could never be undone. The book opens with a frantic police raid; “Sheriff’s department! Get on the ground!” and the chapter finishes with the pronouncement “You’re that cop killer from last night.” What follows is the story of just what brought them all to that intense encounter as well as the nightmare for all involved that is still ahead.

Griffin structures the narrative from the point of view of the various participants so readers know what others do not, and the picture is not idyllic from any point of view.  Chapters designate the time, date, and location so readers can follow what happened “before” and what happens “after.”

The dramatic events unfold in San Diego County, a seaside paradise and yet a slightly less smoggy but equally overcrowded, traffic-clogged version of Los Angeles, her rich cousin to the north. Readers get to know all the participants well, their hopes, dream, concerns, and daily struggles. These are lives with promise and lives without hope. These are people who manipulate others and people who look out for others. All these lives are irreparably altered by circumstances beyond their control.

“The Burden of Truth” is a compelling story of all that might have been, were it not for…

It is tragic and starkly real. It embodies what could be and what is. I received a review copy of “The Burden of Truth” from Neal Griffin and Forge Books, and I found it grippingly realistic. Every chapter was an emotional roller coaster. I could not put it down.