“Civil Terror – Waterborne”

Civil Terror Waterborne

“Civil Terror – Waterborne” Is book two in the series, but there is a quick review of past events so new readers will easily follow along.  The plot is current and believable; it deals with a critical social, environmental, and political problem – water.

Bennecke structures the book to depict the same scene multiple times, from the point of view of each participant. Readers learn what all the characters see, hear, and feel, and know what other characters do not.  Jake Bendel engineered the concept of treating seawater with energy created by a new form of inexpensive, safe nuclear power. Water is a precious commodity, a basic human resource needed for California’s booming population. Three plants are finished and ready to go online. These will provide clean purified water that just a few weeks previously had contained ocean fish contently swimming.

The pace is frantic; the abduction that took less than ten seconds, hangs over everything. Tension mounts, and things happen that no one expects. There are explosions, near death events, threats, financial identity theft, surveillance, murders, and worst of all, a dead cat. The danger finally becomes clear; everyone is getting sick, but the resolution is not easily accomplished.  

Bennecke created a non-stop thriller with the feel of a nightly news incident. There is action, drama, and peril on every page. I received a review copy of “Civil Terror Waterborne” from J. Luke Bennecke, and Jaytech Publishing.  It was compelling and terrifying in its implications. I could not put it down, and I certainly did not stop to get a drink of water (shudder).