The Dilemma”

“The Dilemma” By B. A. Paris

The weight of the lie becomes too heavy to bear.

“The Dilemma” by B. A. Paris is the story of Olivia and Adam Harman on the day of Olivia’s birthday, a glorious celebration and a terrible day.  The story is told in first-person narratives, and each chapter notes the time and perspective so readers can follow along as events unfold. Readers follow the Harmans through the excitement, the joy, the reminiscences, the disappointments, the uncertainty, the dread, the fear.

Paris created a dynamic family, Olivia and Adam Harman and their adult children, Josh and Marnie. Their past has been somewhat troubled, and yet all things have been set aside for this elaborate birthday gala.  Little did they know that a dark cloud, something unthinkable and foreboding, would hang over the day. Intricate details pull readers into the story and the document the raw emotions as the day progresses. Readers find out that this family has many secrets, and the weight of those lies has exacted a heavy toll on those who know the truth.

“The Dilemma” is about family, communication, and a communiqué that no one expected. I received a review copy of “The Dilemma” from B. A. Paris and St. Martin’s Press. It was compelling, thought provoking and tragic. It has advice for everyone; “Life’s too short. Just do what makes you happy.”