“The Last Flight”

“The Last Flight” by Julie Clark

Two women, parallel lives, one problem, many secrets. 

“The Last Flight” by Julie Clark is the story of two women, Clair and Eva. They are not crazy or unstable; they are just two women with a shared problem and one huge complication. They have no plans and not nearly enough money, but they are both desperate enough to risk everything they have to gain everything they want. 

Clark structures the narrative from each point of view over several time periods, labeling each chapter to identify the perspective. The lives of the two women run on parallel yet different tracks, and readers follow them through the days before and after the “last flight” that becomes the turning point for each of them. They hide behind a curtain of lies, never trusting anyone as they each take one step forward followed by the next, and the one after that. 

The consequences of the “last flight” are clear from the start, but how each person arrived at that event is similar and yet at the same time, very different. Each life has been cleanly split into “before” and “after, and yet the ramifications of each person’s past actions bleed into the present.  

“The Last Flight” is complicated and compelling. It is a world filled with people who carry secrets. I found it gripping and fascinating to read. While there are hints along the way about the ending, the plane crashes after all, the inevitable disclosure is still a little unexpected and sad. I received a review copy of “The Last Flight” from Julie Clark, Sourcebooks Landmark.