“Rigged” by D. P. Lyle is part of the “The Jake Longly” series, but every reader will quickly fall into the rhythm of the narrative, and be captivated by the characters. The greatness of a story hinges on superb characters, plot, and setting, and “Rigged” has all three. The Gulf Coast draws readers in with its splendor, and the specific  localities can easily be seen on Google Maps. The plot is not just another case, but it is a personal journey from the start.

Despite the geography and the plot, there would not be a story without Lyle’s characters. “Rigged” is not about the end, it is about the trip and this specific trip with these people. They do not have cases, they have situations. They might be someone’s best friend or worst nightmare. The book is just a reason for readers to spend time with them. Jake Longly is an ex-major league baseball stud, restauranteur, defender of frivolous lawsuits, and a world-class avoider of work. Too much real thinking gives him a headache. Nicole Jamison is a screen writer and assistant PI. She knows Krav Maga, loves fast cars, and is excellent at multitasking. She is smart, good with people, and able to keep Jake on a short leash.  Tommy Jeffers, aka Pancake, is a best friend, has crazy computer skills, and baby sits Jake and Nicole, well just Jake; Nicole can take care of herself.

The story unfolds in Jake’s first person narrative, not really a narrative in the formal since, just a good ol’ boy telling a story. It is conversation driven with short crisp sentences filled with focus, meaning, and a friendly but probing attitude.

“Rigged” is a thrill ride through the Alabama Gulf Coast in a criminal sort of way. There are unlikely victims, lots of questions, and diverse plot elements. People do not have to be smart to commit a murder, but need brains to get away with it. They think they are smart, but Jake, Nicole, and Pancake have the brainpower to catch them. I received a review copy of” Rigged” from D. P. Lyle, Oceanview Publishing, and Independent Publishers Group. I loved every word.