“Private Investigations”

“Private Investigations” is a must-have anthology for every mystery reader, the ultimate book for fans.   This collection is uniquely compelling because the stories and essays are from twenty renowned writers who “make up” things for a living. However, these are not “made up” stories. These are personal stories, written from the heart.  They are thought provoking, personal glimpses into the lives of favorite writers.

Writers recount growing up, going to libraries, achieving success, and adjusting to trauma. They share the mystery and power of words and the importance of learning words.  Through words on a page, they create worlds of place and time that extend beyond the printed page.

“Private Investigations” consists of personal stories, amusing stories, and stories that make readers think. I was given a copy of” Private Investigations” from Perseus Books, Seal Press, Hachette Book Group, and Victoria Zackheim, editor of the collection. Anthologies allow a reader to finish a quick and compelling story all in one sitting, but these stories will keep readers keep reading until the end.