“The Perfect Couple”

“The Perfect Couple” is the deceptive story of Gemma O’Connor, a decidedly unlucky woman, but a strong woman nonetheless. In a first person narrative, she talks to herself, talks to readers, and talks to her husband. She shares her thoughts, concerns, frustrations, and fears. Her husband does not come home one weekend, and everything in her life changes.

Kabler created complex and secretive characters. Gemma is both sympathetic and implausible at the same time. She and husband Danny are living in a new house, in a new city, where Danny has a new job as an IT specialist. Gemma despondently shares her situation with readers. She connects with readers and yet is unrealistic and deluded, perhaps even dangerous.

Avon Police Detective Sergeant Devon and Detective Chief Inspector Helena Dickens are investigating the deaths of two men who look surprisingly similar. They are immediately interested when Gemma reports the disappearance of her husband who bears an eerie resemblance to those two murder victims. They investigate in an orderly fashion, and uncover details and horrible connections that change everything. Their investigation reveals anomalies in Gemma’s story, and she laments that her whole life has been a lie. Certainly someone is lying, but who? Hate has been hiding as love, and deep dark secrets slowly surface.  

“The Perfect Couple” has a startling ending to a compelling story that leaves readers aghast. I received a review copy of “The Perfect Couple” from Jackie Kabler, Harper Impulse, Killer Reads, and One More Chapter. I eagerly await the next book.