“You Don’t Know Me”

“You Don’t Know Me” by Sara Foster is the story of two people today and two people in the past; the past is different, traumatic even, and filled with secrets. Lizzie is gone, disappeared after having a fight with her boyfriend; day after day they kept searching. Twelve years later, Noah sees her in Bangkok, Thailand, but it is not her. It is someone who looks remarkably like her; it is Alice. Alice is an English teacher, and no one knows more than that.

Foster cloaks characters in mystery and structures the story in alternating narratives to give readers a global perspective. Readers find out immediately that Alice and Noah both have secrets. While they want those secrets to be starved of oxygen and die in the past, some cannot be hidden. Those secrets threaten to undermine their lives. Details emerge at an agonizingly slow pace, and produce more questions than answers.  Who is lying?  How could everyone be fooled for so many years? Little by little pieces of the traumatic puzzle fall into place.

Noah and Alice must eventually make decisions about the past or it will destroy everything. I received a review copy of “You Don’t Know Me” from by Sara Foster and Blackstone Publishing. It is filled with mystery, but it is really the story of two people as they move from the past and develop new relationships. It is quick to read, and the ending leaves room for another book in the future.