“Long Range”

“Long Range” opens with something only  C J Box could write, a poetic beautiful, elegant, description of the trajectory of a bullet, what it passes over, each second, each part of a second, over the  countryside, and then in three point five seconds……….the incident that drives the rest of the book.

Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett has been featured in twenty books, and both faithful readers and new ones will quickly fall into the rhythm of Pickett’s Wyoming life. There is ample background on each character so readers get to know each of them, some better than others. Pickett, now fifty, and wife Marybeth are adjusting to a big house without daughters Sheridan, April, and Lucy, who are doing well out on their own.  

Box created several story lines that weave their way through the book, converging, diverging, and finally coming back together in an unexpected way. The narrative is written in alternating perspectives so readers see events from all sides and know things that characters do not. Events from the past complicate the present, and retribution looms ominously.  These are old problems, but there is a new team to deal with them and with each other. Pickett’s investigation is meticulous,   focused, and deliberate. He takes copious notes, not wanting to miss anything. He documents observations and questions, and pays strict attention to little details that others might have missed. He overlooks nothing while planning the next move.

“Long Range” is grounded tradition and is firmly anchored in the unique geography of Wyoming. I received a review copy of” Long Range” from by C. J. Box, and G.P. Putnam’s Sons. I loved every page.

Will you enjoy reading it? “Yup,” said Joe.