“Sins of the Fathers”

“Sins of the Fathers” is book twenty-four in J.A. Jance’s J. P Beaumont series, but all readers will find it entertaining. Any needed background information on the characters is provided as part of the story. Jonas Piedmont Beaumont, “Beau,” is now retired, living in Bellingham where his wife Melissa is Chief of Police. He has mellowed somewhat, but is becoming bored with crossword puzzles and playing with his dog. The easy conversational style gives the reader the feeling of sitting with J.P. chatting, sharing memories of his life.

Things change when a person from Beau’s past, Alan Dale, shows up with an infant. He wants help finding his troubled daughter so he can gain custody of the baby. Beau must untangle both the past and present but without his previous law enforcement investigative tools and contacts. Of course he does not have to follow the “official” rules either.

This is not a formula book with continuing characters just dropped into a random plot line. The story is complex and unfolds layer after layer. Events in the past threaten to disrupt the present, and off course, the investigation path leads to a murder.

“Sins of the Fathers” is the story of complex family relationships, and it exposes the dark side of human nature. It easy to read but still has twists and danger. I received a review copy of “Sins of the Fathers” by J. A. Jance, William Morrow, and HarperCollins. Those who have followed Beau through previous books will love this one. New readers will want to look at Beau’s earlier adventures.