“Fake Truth”

“Fake Truth” by Lee Goldberg is part of the Ian Ludlow series, but new readers easily catch through numerous explanations within the context of the current narrative. Each chapter identifies date, location, and time so characters, action, and complications are easily tracked. The story has multiple geographic settings, and all are sources of crime, espionage, political intrigue, and general nastiness, enough to make one want to wear a baseball cap covered with aluminum foil. The story is told from all points of view so readers see the conspiracy, the plans, and the deception of all participants.

This is the tale of the real becoming fiction and fiction becoming real. The story unfolds in a casual conversation driven narrative. There are two separate story lines; on one hand, “The Kitchen” a terrorist group, plans to manipulate the American people by creating fake news using social media and TV to advance their agenda.  On the other hand, Ian Ludlow, film, TV, and novel writer, is out of ideas for the next book in his thriller series. He seeks plot inspiration by investigating the accidental deaths of two American tourists. These two stories become intertwined with disastrous results.

The settings and descriptions paint a colorful, vivid picture for readers.

“The stone buildings, none taller than four stories, were packed so tightly together that they formed an unbroken wall of rusting wrought iron.”

“Fake Truth” is filled with bad guys who have bad behavior.  Truth becomes fiction, and fiction becomes fact. After all, no one tells the truth on television. I received a review copy of “Fake Truth” from Lee Goldberg, and Thomas & Mercer. It was quick to read and quite entertaining. It was filled with unusual twists and turns as the deception unravels.