“Holes” by Louis Sachar is about Stanley, a young boy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is convicted of stealing expensive collectable sneakers and sent to Camp Green Lake, a camp for “youthful offenders” in the middle of the desert. Every day, in the hot sun, in the parched climate, every boy digs a hole. Readers learn the history of Camp Green Lake, discover how events in the past influence the present circumstances, and uncover the real reason the boys dig all those holes. The situation is dreadful, but through it all, the boys manage to be hopeful and supportive of each other.

Readers get to know the participants well as each boy’s story intertwines with that of another. This is a story of friendship, self-discovery, and dreams. Though the plot is dark and menacing at times, the book is also filled with humor, companionship, and hope. It is billed as a “young adult” book, but adults will enjoy this journey of self-discovery and friendship. It is quick to read, contains suspense, adventure, and camaraderie and, most importantly, has a satisfying ending. “Holes” is a #1 New York Times best seller, winner of the Boston Globe “Horn Book Award.”