“The K Team.”

There is a new dog on the block and on the case; enter “The K Team.”  Corey Douglas is an easy-going, recently retired Patterson New Jersey cop who is one of the world’s foremost film-trivia experts. His first person present tense narrative is casual and comfortable; he talks to readers and talks to himself. Readers get to know him well as he shares thoughts about criminals, lawyers, and life in general. His fellow “K-Team” members include Laurie Collins, Marcus Clark, and German Shepherd Simon Garfunkel, also recently retired from Paterson P.D. Readers recognize these characters from Rosenfelt’s Andy Carpenter series, and in fact, those familiar characters make appearances in this new series, but in slightly different roles.

Behind the friendly banter and friendship with dogs, Rosenfelt created a solid, complex plot involving gangsters, blackmail, financial fraud, computer hacking and killers for hire. The narrative alternates between Douglas’s first person account and a third person view so readers know details the team does not. People disappear then turn up dead. Unrelated actions and people weave in and out of the story, so the K-Team must ferret out the truth from the pack of lies. The team struggles to discern how all this fits together, and fit together it does. The questions are answered, the unexpected is explained, and the dogs live happily ever after; that is what readers really want after all.

“The K Team” reflects Rosenfelt’s conversational writing style and easy enjoyable prose. He gave Corey Douglas and Andy Carpenter the same attitude, sarcastic humor, realistic approach, and love of bogs. They could have best friends if they had not spent so many years on opposing sides. I received a review copy of The K Team” from David Rosenfelt and Minotaur Books. The K-team “family” is entertaining and compelling, and this new series shows great potential. Sign me up for the next installment.