“The Back Wing”

“The Back Wing” by Mike Befeler is an entertaining and funny book. This is a book about people, people missing, people searching for them, and eventually people dead. The story is told from the point of view of Harold McCaffrey who moves into the back wing of the Mountain Splendor Retirement Home. A move like this is quite common for senior citizens, but this retirement home is far from common. McAffrey finds himself surrounded by retired vampires, witches, werewolves, and shape-shifters who live in the “back” wing of the center.  This strange cast of characters takes it upon themselves to investigate the whereabouts of two front wing residents who have disappeared.

Befeler brings together a diverse cast of characters, both young and old, some typical and others very different. Readers easily accept the vivacity of the residents and their unusual circumstances and idiosyncrasies.  This is a mystery book so, so people die, and there is blood, but the blood comes from vampires robbing the blood bank next door.

“The Back Wing” is easy to read, does not cause excruciating trauma–induced headaches, and yet has personality conflicts, intrigue, financial indiscretions, and murder. The unusual residents are perfectly crafted to amuse and puzzle readers. McAffrey’s grandson visits, so the worlds of other retirees and teenagers intersect with ingenious outcomes. The interactions, the mystery, and the unusual story line combine to make an amusing, inventive, and entertaining book.