“Killer Conference.”

We all had a great time at LCC for the two days. We wish it had been able to continue, but it could not, so we are moving on.

Now, who will write the first book?

 “Killer Conference.”

A mystery book convention ends early because of the threat of a viral pandemic. One controversial guest speaker is found “dead” while the convention staff is closing up. Guests are confined to their rooms both because of the epidemic and because they are suspects in the murder.

The police are getting nowhere interviewing suspects because they are mystery writers, and they just make up everything. Conference attendees are getting cranky and restless in their rooms because they have read all the free murder mystery books given out at the conference. They have only stale granola bars to eat, and the hotel is running out of toilet paper.

Be sure to send me the ARC.

2 thoughts on ““Killer Conference.”

  1. Run with it. Additional convention attendees die, but not from the virus. Emergency crews are overwhelmed and cannot offer any medical intervention for those with the virus. The police have run out of masks and hand sanitizer, so their investigation of the homicides has practically come to a stop. Some interviews are conducted by phone, but writers continue to make up whatever they feel like saying, so they contradict each other. A local church has dropped by with carrots and turnips, but no protein bars or wine.
    Remember, send me the ARC


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