“Please See Us”

“Please See Us” by Caitlin Mullen is the story women and their tragic lives in Atlantic City. The exceptional narrative is told from various points of view, and each contributes uniquely to the story. Lily is working in a Casino spa, trying to make ends meet. Clara tells readers about her plans for the summer, working, reading palms, and using Tarot cards to tell stories. When a customer asks for Clara’s help finding a missing girl, things change for both Clara and Lily. Scenarios are packed with emotion; the missing might be on a bus, or in a shop. Where? How much longer?

The most compelling narrative is that by the women, the unidentified, the missing, the “Jane Does” out in the marsh. They had jobs; they had families. Now they have only each other, and they cry out to be found. They are sisters. When others join them, they understand. They are no longer women, and yet they are not yet free spirits. Time is running out to be heard. They are the story; they are the problem, and they are the answer.

Mullen created a unique book by giving the victims a voice. This is the story of the women in the marsh, and they cry out. I was given a review copy of “Please See use” by Caitlin Mullen, and Gallery Books. It is distinctive, gripping, and thought provoking.