“Follow Me”

“Follow Me” by Kathleen Barber reveals the potential dangers of social media. Everyone wants new followers… until they follow you home.

Barber tells this chilling story from alternating points of view, and chapters are identified by speaker for readers. The characters share feelings, plans, and backstories to show how they each got to where they are now in the story. People know there are liars on the internet, and readers are left to sort the truth from the lies, and observe as the magnitude of some lies threaten to alter lives or even end lives.

Audrey Miller posts her entire life on Instagram where she has a million-plus follower, and that activity enabled her to get her dream job as the Social Media Manager for Hirshhorn Museum in Washington DC. Her life revolves around generating new content for her followers. Her best friend is Cat Harrell, a successful Virginia lawyer, and the two are renewing their friendship after Audrey’s move to DC. AND, readers read about “him.” He follows Audrey’s every move on social media, every single move, obsessively.

The story progresses in a casual manner with activities, social media posts, and work demands. Readers know from the start that someone is watching, and follow along as “He” carefully watches, as Audrey celebrates every detail of her new job, and as Cat recommends caution. Tension builds slowly as readers start a roller coaster ride that seems calm but wary at the start, but with every new incident, turns into a thrill ride with twists, turns, and death-defying drops.

“Follow Me” is an example of the dark side of the internet. Be careful on social media because everyone lies, although I am not lying about loving this book. I received a review copy of “Follow Me” from Kathleen Barber, Pocket Books, and Gallery Books.