“The Other Mrs.”

“The Other Mrs.” By Mary Kubica is a traumatic story told from several points of view, alternating between characters. Kubica introduces readers to a diverse and complex cast of characters. Each chapter identifies the speaker, and each voice is unique, persuasive, and increasingly frightening. Life on a small island near Portland, Maine should be challenging, and yet uncomplicated and satisfying; it turns out to be something very different indeed.

Sadie Foust, her husband Will, children Tate and Otto, and family dogs, move into the home of Will’s sister after her death. Readers get to know Sadie well as she shares everything through her first person narrative. She clearly has problems with family, job, children, and life in general. She documents everything but refuses to take responsibility for events or the resulting adverse consequences. In fact, she frequently denies any actual participation on her part.

Camille speaks directly to readers, commenting that she is not going to tell everything; just what she thinks is pertinent. She describes her relationship with former roommate Sadie and especially with Sadie’s husband Will. Will was hers first, before he was Sadie’s. She watched him, followed him, and vowed never to let him go.

Then, there was a girl named Mouse; not her real name, of course, but her father called her that. She loved to draw and to makeup stories. Mouse loved her father and loved her life until “Fake Mom” arrived; then she did not.

 Kubica takes readers down paths of misinformation, misdirection, mania, and murder. The chain of events is complicated and complex; clues point in every direction. Blood on a washcloth, a missing cell phone, and a knife are frightening in their own right, but the most frightening thing is that when the ferry leaves the island for the night, everyone stays on the island; the killer spends the night on the island as well. 

“The Other Mrs.” Is chilling with unforeseen twists and turns, all leading to a shocking and unexpected end. I was given a review copy of “The Other Mrs.” By Mary Kubica, Harlequin Trade Publishing, and Park Row. I kept anxiously turning pages right up to that unanticipated end. It was compelling and unpredictable