“Dead to Her”

“Dead to Her” by Sarah Pinborough tells a troubled story of two complicated women. They meet at a company party in Savannah, Georgia. Marcie is watching her husband Jason flirt with Keisha, the boss’s new wife and thinking about the splintering of their marriage. Kiesha is from London, and the second Mrs. William Radford IV, the new wife, the black second wife, the  ravishing young wife. Pinborough unravels the tragic stories of these two women.

Marcie feels betrayed, used. And yet, she had always had a wild streak and nothing could change that. She is Jason’s second wife, and she is determined not to be beaten. She also has secrets, ones that are suddenly unraveling little by little.Keisha is worried; she is isolated, and filled with  anxiety and dark muddled thinking. She had hit the jackpot with William, a rich lonely American widower, well respected, and powerful. William wants to get a new life insurance policy and change his will, but there is another legal arrangement as well; she knows when he dies she will not get everything, but she will get enough.

The plot is conversation driven. There are little  society gatherings, and lunches,  trips to museums, and historic cemeteries. Then, Pinborough unravels that little society world of Savannah.  Everything comes tumbling down. There is a wrecked business, a troubled partnership, and missed business opportunities. Murders are attempted and murders are covered up. Co-conspirators are everywhere, and everyone has a part to play.

“Dead to Her” is a story of betrayal, unlikely alliances, buried secrets, treachery, and voodoo. I received a review copy of “Dead to Her” from Sarah Pinborough and William Morrow Publishing. There is a lot of power in a dying wish, and there are some fates worse than death