“All That is Buried”

“All That is Buried” is book three in “Porter and Styles” detective series by Robert Scragg. The main characters continue and have matured a little, but it is not necessary to have read the previous books to enjoy this one. When a young girl, Libby, goes missing, there are no clues, no leads, and no witnesses. Months later when the trail is cold, DI Jake Porter and DS Nick Styles find a body, many bodies, bodies of children.

Scragg creates a great sense of place; the geography and settings are detailed and well developed. The characters are interesting, and credible; conversations drive the plot. Everyday activities are interspersed with the search for answers. There are abundant suspects, and everyone has secrets. None are really who they seem to be. The pacing is appropriate, and little details make the story pertinent and compelling. The plot moves slowly yet deliberately, and the suspense increases as each piece of the puzzle falls into place. In the end, there are secrets, shocks, and startling revelations.

“All That is Buried” pulls readers along and ends with a surprise. I received a review copy from Robert Scragg and Allison & Busby Books. It is a contemporary British police procedure with a classic feel.