“The Defense”

“The Defense” by Steve Cavanaugh is the first in the Eddie Flynn legal thriller series. Flynn arrives on the scene with an elaborate past and a complicated present. Readers learn about both through his first person narrative. Flynn, it seems, is a street hustler conman turned lawyer, not much of a change, really.

He talks directly to readers, sharing his thoughts about his law career; “I never represented anyone I knew to be guilty because I never asked any of my clients if they were guilty.” He shares his feelings; “I looked confident and assured. Secretly, my guts were churning.” He shares his strategy; “I can’t destroy the evidence; I have to destroy the witness giving the evidence.”

His current situation is dangerous for himself and possibly traumatic for many. A former client of his previous law partner is on trial. To insure victory, he has kidnapped Flynn’s child and given Flynn a bomb to plant in the courtroom. What follows is a tension-filled cat and mouse game as Flynn attempts to avoid being caught with a bomb in the courtroom and tries to keep the gangsters from killing his daughter and himself. Flynn is vigilant and skeptical, doubting himself and everyone else. “Nothing about this situation made any sense. I got the feeling that I was nothing more than a pawn in a much larger game.”

Cavanaugh sets events over just a few days so the action is frantic, and every page is filled with drama and trauma. Readers are compelled to turn the page, fearing what might come next. There are complications, double crosses, and triple crosses. People are not who they seem to be, and there are those ever-present nasty Russians. The clock ticks, tension builds, the pace quickens, and things come to an explosive end – literally.