“Lisey’s Story”

“Lisey’s Story” by Stephen King is being made into a limited TV series, so now is the perfect time to read the book. Lisey Debusher’s late husband Scott was a prolific writer of best-selling “unusual” fiction. Their personal lives were even more complicated and uncommon than his books. Even after two years, Lisey still has a difficult time adjusting to Scott’s death and the relentless demands from fans, colleagues, and academic institutions for access to his unpublished books.

Unexpected events force Lisey to face reality about her husband, his literature, his life, and his death. When she takes control over husband’s work and his secrets, her life becomes more dangerous and more traumatic than she could have imagined. The story weaves Scott’s background and the dramatic events that molded him into the narrative, but this is Lisey’s deeply personal story, and she alone must manage both Scott’s past and her own future.

On her journey to understanding and acceptance, Lisey is transported back and forth in time and in and out of the real world. Lisey faces demons, both imagined and very real, and all threaten to take over her mind, her environment, her family, and even her life. Lisey uncovers clues left by her husband to guide her journey through the actual and the imagined, out of the past and into the present. The story starts slowly but the story gains momentum and intensity increases until the frantic end.

“Lisey’s Story” is one of creativity, inspiration, psychosis, and most of all love. Stephen King is both writer and executive producing of “Lisey’s Story” for Apple TV, so readers should expect a thrilling interpretation