“Save Me from Dangerous Men”

“Save Me from Dangerous Men” opens with a unique scenario that introduces readers to Nikki Griffin who is much more than that the first encounter, so read on. Griffin is a private investigator who rides a motorcycle, owns a bookstore, and sponsors a book club. Her PI obligations include the usual commercial investigations as well as tracking an assortment of interloping husbands and boyfriends. Her methods are unconventional, perhaps unforgiving, and yet very effective. She is part social worker, part avenging deliverer, and complete book lover. Her personal life is complicated by her hesitancy to share her personal “cause” with strangers, and by her concern for her brother with significant problems of his own.

In a first person narrative, she talks to readers and talks to herself. She is slightly flawed, and yet at the same time confident and determined. She shares details of a new commercial case involving investigation potential corporate espionage and theft of trade secrets. Things do not go smoothly, and readers are pulled into a fanatic cat and mouse hunt with Griffin sometimes not knowing just who is the cat and who is the mouse. The action is intense, and Griffin’s determination and dedication come through on every page. The clock ticks away; the tension increases; the circumstances change drastically. Readers frantically turn the pages, searching for answers but at the same time, fearing what those answers might be.

“Save Me from Dangerous Men” is the first in a new series. Lelchuk created a compelling character, an interesting avenger. I cannot wait for the next book.