“A Cry in the Night”

“A Cry in the Night” by Kerry Wilkinson is book fifteen in the “Detective Jessica Daniel Thriller” series, but first-time readers can definitely follow along. The story begins when Samuel awakes. It is night; he is frightened; he is worried about his mother; she has been attacked, and he is blind. Detective Daniel is called to the horrific scene. Samuel is unique; his memory seemed near photographic. The fact that he cannot see makes little difference in the aftermath of his mother’s murder. He describes smells and sounds until Daniel can picture the scene herself.

Detective Inspector Jessica Daniel and Detective Constable Archie Davey are regular people with not very regular jobs. They are complex, busy individuals. They work several cases simultaneously involving assorted complains that must be attended to and cleared. They have detailed personal lives as well with appointments, interactions, events, and relationships.

The team is focused on their cases, but many conversations are friendly with a touch of humor. Even some cases have a touch of comedy, for example a burglary that turns out to be a squirrel. Progress is deliberate, planned, and organized; however, there are plenty of unusual developments, connections, and people. Little pieces of the puzzle come from surprising sources, and do not provide the answers the team expects. It is up the team to rearrange the diverse evidence into something of substance.

I received a review copy of “A Cry in the Night” from Kerry Wilkinson and Bookouture. It was my first Jessica Daniel book, and I had no trouble following the people and the cases. It was easy to read, and I loved the characters’ light-hearted banter and as well as their dedication to their job. Of course, a woman in a red coat on the cover always means a must-read book. Now, I have the first fourteen books to read and enjoy.