“Toward the Light”

“Toward the Light” by Bonar Spring is the tale of an uncommon hired gun. Maria Luz Concepción is returning to Guatemala, her childhood home, but she is there to do more than scatter her mother’s ashes; she is there to kill a man.

Readers find that Concepción is an assassin but also a paradox in both personality and behavior. She is going to kill her target with a smile on her face, and yet she bargains with God for her safety. She is ruthless, a professional trained to kill, and at the same time just an amateur with a personal vendetta.

The story details everyday events and normal people but in reality, things are far from ordinary. At the start, the pace is slow and deliberate, setting up the personalities and the everyday situations. Readers become familiar with the neighborhoods and markets in Guatemala City, but behind it all is Concepción, arranging things, setting things, preparing for her personal crusade. Then, when all is in place, the action is fast and frantic with a surprising twist.

“Toward the Light” is an action thriller with international intrigue with varied and complex characters, but it is also a personal story. There is a hint of romance, but focus is Concepción and her journey. I received a review copy of “Toward the Light” from Bonar Spring and Oceanview Publishing. It is a quest for personal justice with a startling ending.

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