“Christmas Stories, The Complete Collection in the Tradition of Rod Serling”

“Christmas Stories, The Complete Collection in the Tradition of Rod Serling” By Richard Barr is a fascinating anthology for holiday reading. The collection has seven stories that have “Christmas” in common through a time setting, a name, or other feature, but unlike most “holiday” anthologies, there are no mall Santas with teary-eyed children wishing for gifts for their siblings.

As the mention of Rod Serling in title suggests, each of these stories is slightly off the traditional path, but all have a curious but satisfying ending that will bring out that pleasing “Christmas Spirit” in everyone. The bonus is that each story has an introduction by another prominent writer, making this a win-win book to read.

“Christmas Stories, The Complete Collection in the Tradition of Rod Serling” By Richard Barr was recommended by Anne Saller, Owner of Book Carnival in Orange, CA, and she was absolutely correct with this recommendation. With most anthologies, one can read a story, finish it in one sitting, and then put the book down for another time, not with this book. The stories were so compelling, interesting, and unconventional that I was compelled to finish them all at once. This anthology can certainly be read anytime, but it provides a thoughtful, satisfying interlude at Christmas.