“Lost Tomorrows”

“Lost Tomorrows” by Matt Coyle is a continuation of former cop Rick Cahill’s troubled journey. New readers will immediately become immersed in the story because most background events took place before regular readers met Cahill for the first time in “Yesterday’s Echo.” Coyle expertly pulls readers into Cahill’s previously unknown past with news about an acquaintance from Santa Barbara, and this person, like many in Cahill’s life, is dead.

Coyle’s solid narrative presents the Rick Cahill readers have come to know; complicated, troubled, and guilt-ridden, and yet someone who cares deeply about justice, occasionally at the expense of written law. Everyday happenings are mixed in with the traumatic events to construct a solid, believable plot that keeps readers guessing and most of all, involved in the welfare of Cahill. Readers second guess him, chastise him, but most of all root for him during the emotional rollercoaster ride of this story.

In each of the preceding books, Coyle has pushed Cahill closer and closer to the dark and precarious abyss, driven by his overwhelming guilt about the death of his wife. This is the darkest and most shocking book yet. Readers cannot help but wonder just whose tomorrows will be lost at the end of the book, and the ending will leave everyone stunned, frazzled, and emotionally drained,

In “Lost Tomorrows,” Coyle takes Cahill to the shocking and disturbing edge of darkness. I received a review copy from Matt Coyle, and Oceanview Publishing. This is the best Rick Cahill book yet.