“Dachshund Through the Snow”

“Dachshund Through the Snow” by David Rosenfelt is the latest Andy Carpenter adventure, and an adventure it is. New readers will be immediately pulled into the story through the compelling opening. Regular readers will find the whole familiar gang Andy Carpenter, wife Laurie, son Ricky, and of course dogs Tara and Sebastian, all anticipating the upcoming holiday/football season.

Rosenfelt’s characters are affable, relaxed, likeable, and yet focused and diligent when necessary. The first person narrative by Carpenter is a little self-deprecating, a little sarcastic, very humorous, and always focused on his dogs, other peoples’ dogs, and, actually, just the wellbeing of dogs in general.

This is an absorbing detective story  with a  challenging client, and complicated adversaries, however, when the chips are down,  Carpenter rises to the occasion with excellent intuition, focused  investigative skills, and brilliant (in his opinion) legal tactics to save the day for all.

The entire Andy Carpenter series is just entertaining to read, and “Dachshund Through the Snow” is no exception. Rosenfelt includes plenty of Carpenter’s trademark humor and dedication to justice with a dash of violence but without buckets of blood and gore.   There is also a fun product placement for Rosenfelt’s other books; “He also has two books on the night table, including a thriller by David Rosenfelt, who I hear is terrific.” I received a review copy of “Dachshund Through the Snow” from David Rosenfelt and St Martin’s Press. It is compelling, suspenseful, and makes me wish that Tara and Sebastian could just save everyone.