“What Rose Forgot”

“What Rose Forgot” by Nevada Barr is a stand-alone book; it is a departure from her Anna Pigeon series. Readers have not had a new book from Barr in a while, and this new book is a reminder of her incredible writing skill and her ability to create a compelling plot with interesting new characters.

The story takes place in North Carolina, starting out in an unusual place, the Memory Care Unit of a nursing home; not a place where readers would expect to find a charming and funny character such as 68 year-old, wealthy widow Rose, but charming and funny she is. She practices Yoga and has a unique outlook on life. Rose also finds herself in quite a dilemma, knows neither how she got into this place nor how she will get out. But get out she does, and along Roses’s journey readers encounter a variety of other interesting characters and family members including one sure to be a reader favorite, her endearing thirteen-year old granddaughter, Mel.

In rose, Barr created a character that readers love as she tackles thought-provoking topics that no one loves, including ageism and complicated family relationships. Rose may at times feel like she has “been trampled by a herd of gnus,” her journey is captivating, riveting, touching, insightful, gutsy and memorable. The story is well written and fast paced, although some events stray from reality just a bit.

“What Rose Forgot” is a book with edge-of-the-seat suspense and humor on every page. The suspense and drama gain momentum until the almost emotionally exhausting end.   I received a review copy of “What Rose forgot” from Nevada Barr, St Martin’s Press, and Minotaur Books. It is enjoyable, entertaining, and compelling. When I picked up a signed hard copy at a recent book signing, Barr shared that while this book will not develop into an ongoing series, there may be just one more book hovering on the horizon for Rose and friends. I cannot wait.