“What She Saw”

 “What She Saw” by Sheila Lowe is the first book in the “Beyond the Veil” mystery series. It presents a complex and problematic situation. A young woman wakes up on a train with amnesia, no memory of anything, not even her name. She is relieved when someone recognizes her and gives her a ride home. Her home poses more questions than answers when she discovers double Identification, double keys, double lives. Thus starts a traumatic journey to find her identity. Readers follow as she seeks answers but finds only secrets, secrets, and more secrets. Danger lurks on every page. Lowe draws readers into the story with fluid writing and a quick pace. There is plenty of suspense, drama, conspiracy, and even humor.

I received a copy of “What She Saw” from Sheila Lowe, Suspense Publishing, and Net Galley as part of the release of book two in the series, “Proof of Life.” I enjoyed both books, and I read the second book before this, the first one. It was interesting to see how the theme and the characters started, knowing how they continued in the next book. Both books are quick to read, have interesting characters, and deal with the supernatural within the context of a gripping yet pleasing storyline.