“The Last Second”

There is danger in a private space program.

 “The Last Second” by Catherine Coulter and J T Ellison is book six in the “Brit in the FBI” series. Regular readers will enjoy this intricate plot as the future and the past intertwine, and new readers will be able to follow along because most  needed information from the previous books  is included as part of the narrative. The familiar cast of likeable characters is back including Michaela, Nicholas, Grant, and Kitsune. All continue with their amusing banter and at times, somewhat unusual behavior.

This book features an interesting plot twist that combines the “new” (pure science, advanced satellite technology, and innovative space weaponry) with “old” (The Holy Grail). There are plenty of exploits, deceit, treachery, and even a nuclear threat. All this makes for a book that is multifaceted, compelling, and hard to put down. The pace is intense, all happening over four action-packed days.

“The Last Second” is a well-written thriller with components of the past, the present, and the future. The complex, although somewhat improbable, plot grabs readers right from the start. I received a review copy of “The Last Second” from Catherine Coulter, J T Ellison, Gallery Books, and NetGalley. It is a compelling thriller that familiar readers will love, and one that will inspire new readers to look for the previous books. Of course, a few loose ends encourage readers to tune in when the next book is published.