“Red Hotel”

“Red Hotel” by Gary Grossman and Ed Fuller sets the stage right from the startling cover which features a silhouetted figure gazing down, a helicopter hovering in the distance, and a cracked window, all bathed in ominous red. Readers are immediately drawn into the action as Dan Reilly, Senior Vice President of Kensington Royal Hotel Corporation, assists hotel employees and guests.

Conversation drives the plot as Reilly talks to those he encounters while hopping from problem to problem, protecting the interests of the Kensington Royal Hotel Corporation hotel chain and its guests all over the globe from Tokyo to Beijing, the Italian Alps, Mazatlán, and other locations. Reilly facilitates the hotel chain’s recovery after a variety of calamities and outright disasters, both natural and otherwise. The catastrophes are overwhelming, and the aftermath is devastating.

“Reilly looked around. There was nothing encouraging in view. Debris everywhere. Dank, smoke-filled air. Haunting outlines of charred bodies on the street. Women’s shoes, ruined jewelry, stopped watches, fused glasses, and the saddest thing of all, a blood-soaked teddy bear.”

Vivid descriptions pull readers into the story.

“Deep green lightning hit so close that everyone could feel the energy. The thunder was deafening. They heard cars propelled by the wind crash into the hotel and telephone poles snap. Tin roofs from blocks away hurtled toward their sanctuary, adding to the cacophony.”

Reilly develops and maintains Kensington’s network of “red” hotels, ones with extra-ordinary precautions and defenses in place to prevent “specific, serious threat toward the property, persons, or US interests in the region, particularly if the threat comes from known terrorist organizations or individuals.” Hotels had become a soft target with high propaganda value for terrorists, and his job is to keep Kensington Hotels safe “because Americans stay there.”

However, there is much more to Reilly’s job than just maintaining the bottom line of the hotel company and the way the hotel is regarded by its guests and the observing public. He also navigates another world; a world with more dangers than hurricanes and tsunamis; a world filled with spies, assassins, double agents, and revenge seekers; a world where agents and villains live side by side; a world where Russian influence reaches everywhere; a world where problems and actions from the past create havoc in the present.

“Red Hotel” is a globetrotting thriller with non-stop action and adventure set in a world from today’s news where conflicts explode daily across the globe. I received a review copy of “Red Hotel” from Gary Grossman, Ed Fuller, and Beaufort Books. I also heard the authors speak at Book Carnival in Orange, Ca. where they added to their captivating narrative, shared hotel “secrets” everyone should know, and promised another book by fall. That new book will make a great holiday gift!