“Murder-a-Go-Go’s” is a group of diverse, quick-to-read stories inspired by the music of the iconic eighties rock band “The Go Go’s.” Top mystery authors took inspiration from classic songs by the Go Go’s and wrote enthralling and shadowy stories with unusual twists.

“Good for Gone” by Jen Conley starts with a wife standing over her husband with a gleaming butcher knife. Readers may never listen to “Vacation” in the same way again after S.W. Lauden opens with messy handwriting and a specialist. Diane Vallere wants to be sure that even though “We Don’t Get Along,” that it does not hurt; “You’re not hurt, right?” Lori Rader-Day in “Our Lips Are Sealed” reminds readers that teen girls at sleepover are not at all well behaved. Wendall Thomas might “Forget That Day” when “I went to grab my purse. There was a gun in it.”

This collection has a story for every reader and every music lover. An anthology allows a fan to read and finish a compelling story all in one sitting. The problem is that after reading “just one quick story,” it is tempting to just “read one more,” and soon the entire book is finished.

I received a review copy of “Murder-a-Go-Go’s,” and every story was interesting and unique. The collection is entertaining and gripping, and the combination of mystery and music is impeccable. Thank you Down and Out Books, authors, NetGalley, and Evie.

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