“Absolute Proof”

“Absolute Proof” by Peter James is an ingeniously book that combines religion and investigative reporting. The book begins with two seemingly unrelated and perhaps unimportant segments, but do not be deceived, both will prove to be very significant.

Investigative reporter Ross Hunter gets a call that will change his life. Dr. Harry claims that he has absolute proof of God’s existence, and he has chosen Hunter to tell the story to world. Thus begins a quest that will take Hunter to the far-reaches of the world, plunge him into an abyss of information and misinformation, pit him against the established religions of the world, and put his life in imminent danger.  

Peter James is the quintessential storyteller, and he has created a compelling story of exploration, mystery, and murder. Multiple plot lines intertwine with the chronicle of Hunter’s investigation. Each thread is well developed and complete; every segment adds value and detail to the total account. The characters are complex, troubled, and yet dedicated; they include Hunter and an array of treasure hunters, religious fanatics, devoted clergy people, money-hungry hustlers, million-dollar businesses people, and brazen assassins. It seems that many people have stakes in either acquiring this proof or preventing its acquisition by others.

This is an innovative treasure hunt based in reality. Hunter’s quest for proof centers around objects found at certain longitude and latitude coordinates. Astute readers can follow Hunter on Google Maps as the journey progresses. Tension hangs on every page, and peril lurks in the most unlikely places. Hunter’s every move, every conversation, and every exploration is being monitored by someone, friend, foe, or both. The quest is filled with conflict, greed, and unmatched perseverance.

James does not circumvent philosophical questions. If God’s existence were proven, would it unite the world or divide it even further? James speculates through action and adventure, and answers are left to the reader to contemplate and decide.

“And the irony is that science is asking questions that only religion can answer, but to accept those answers would mean admitting defeat for the scientists.”

Absolute Proof is mixture of mystery philosophy, religion, thrills, and a search for truth, but above all, it is a compelling story of people, one that readers will not soon forget.

“Absolute Proof” was available in the U.S. only as an audio book. I could not wait, so I ordered a print copy from the U.K. I found it so compelling and absorbing that purchased the audio book as well. Hugh Bonneville provides convincing narration, delivering diverse characters and action that springs to life. He brought the story to life. James has written a well-researched book with non-stop thrills, and historical elements. It is a captivating story, and enjoyable story, a story that gives readers a lot to contemplate.

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    1. It is a LONG book but very detailed an very thought-provoking. The audio book is available on Audible, and Amazon has several “used” copies, but I had my local bookstore order a copy from a U.K. supplier. I know you will enjoy it. I gave it to Grandpa Russell who loves James’s books, but does not read as much as he used to (being 96). He finished it in three days!


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