“The Perfect liar”

The first clue to the plot of “The Perfect Liar” by Thomas Christopher Greene is in the titles of the chapters. We begin with “The first note” and go on from there. Susannah finds that first note, written in block letters, on the door “I know who you are.”

Greene gives readers an idyllic picture of where all this nasty deception is happening.

Around them people walked by in the dark. The stars were overhead. To their left, cars went down the slope of Main Street to the restaurants and the clubs. And none of it mattered. Then normalcy descended as easily as after a thunderstorm. It was as if the weather just needed to break, shake off the humidity, and suddenly it was glorious, beautiful summer.

The story alternates between Susannah’s perspective and Max’s viewpoint, but neither Max nor Susannah is reliable, and no one is who he or she seems to be. Greene keeps readers wondering what is the truth and what is a lie. In the end, readers should question everything they read. The plot is disturbing but delightfully misleading. Lies pile up on one upon the other, leading to an unpredictable, startling and yet fulfilling ending.

I was given a copy of “The Perfect Liar” by Thomas Christopher Greene, St Martin’s Press, and NetGalley. Readers cannot help but wonder if Max and Susannah are perfect liars or just incredibly lucky to get away with it. And the last line tells it all.