“The Intern”

“The Intern” by Gregg Hurwitz is a very short story featuring Orphan X. Readers get a glimpse of “The Nowhere Man” at work through an incident from the past. Hurwitz sets the stage with anticipation and perhaps dread.

“According to the reports, a lot of people had died there.”

His reputation is legend; his existence, mysterious.

“They say this is the last place anyone saw him,” Lucas said. He never used the name, like he was afraid it was some spell that might conjure the man himself.”

Vivid descriptions put readers right into the scene.

“Yellow crime-scene tape, long dismembered by weather, curiosity seekers, and criminals, fluttered about the perimeter, snared on scraggly dead bushes like spiderweb strands. The steel front door, scorched from an explosive charge of some sort, hung crookedly from a bent hinge. The stained glass windows were blown out, pebbled glass teeth rising from the frames.”

“The Intern” is a short character sketch to fill in some history for readers of the  “Orphan X” series.  It is quick to read and reminds readers that it is always good to have a phone set to record when one is threatened by thugs and punks.