“The Curse of Oak Island”

“The Curse of Oak Island” by Randall Sullivan is the ultimate fan guide to the entire “Oak Island phenomena. It begins with the writer’s individual journey “Thirteen years ago, I began an article for Rolling Stone magazine with these lines: Can what’s buried beneath the ground on Oak Island possibly be worth what the search for it has already cost?”

He, like us all, soon became hooked by what many consider the greatest unsolved mystery in the world. This book covers everything “Oak Island,” the reasons, the hidden quest, the foes, the treasures, everything. However, before you get too excited, the one thing it does NOT cover is the answer to the key question “What did they find now?” For that, one must watch and wait.

This history details the explorations of Fred Nolan, Dan Blankenship, Rick and Marty Lagina, and the multitudes that went before them. All share the same story of being captivated by Oak Island; even held hostage by it. The book spins comprehensive tales of the personal fortunes, wrecked equipment, piles of rubble, and countless hours that have been spent thus far on the quest. Included are the details of quarrels, fights, lawsuits, countersuits, petty arguments, and endless playing of “Quien is mas macho,” all over the secrets of this little island.

As viewers of “The Curse of Oak Island” television show know, this island captures people, swallows them up, explorers and viewers alike. I was given a copy of “The Curse of Oak Island” by Randall Sullivan, Atlantic Monthly Press New York, and NetGalley. I had to read this book because the island has captured me as well. If you have made it to this far in my review, you, too, are one of the treasure hunters, and you find   “The Curse of Oak Island” a book you cannot put down.