“A Thousand Doors”

doors“A Thousand Doors” is an anthology edited by J.T. Ellison , but it is unlike other anthologies one might have read. This one, of course, features stories by renowned suspense and thriller authors, however, “A Thousand Doors” features one woman, Mia, and many tell her story. These prominent authors all add a unique flavor to Mia’s narrative, creating an exceptional, inventive, and cohesive anthology.

Anthologies are formulated for reading on the go since a reader can complete one whole story in a short period. “A Thousand Doors” follows this model but each author tells a story focused on the same main character allowing the separate selections to flow together. The stories are uniquely tied together and connected, even at the end, in way that gives the anthology the feel of a typical novel.

Anthologies are well suited for on-the-go reading or for filling in the time while waiting for appointments, waiting to pick up children, or taking a long trip. “A Thousand Doors” is a complete reading package that all readers will enjoy.

I was given a review copy of “A Thousand Doors” by J. T. Ellison, The Independent Book Publishers Association, and NetGalley. It is a group of compelling stories by a distinguished cast of writers. I recommend it to everyone, lovers of anthologies as well as readers of “traditional” books.