“Lover Come Hack”

hack“Lover Come Hack” by Diane Vallere is book six in the Madison Night series, but it is not necessary to have read the previous books to enjoy this one. In a first person narrative, she shares her thoughts on people, food, business, and the events that have shaped her fifty years of life. Readers get to know her well.

In the last six months, Madison has had many changes in both her personal and professional life. The Mad For Mod business model and structure have had significant changes. She has a new inventory system, and is doing well. Enthusiasts of mid-century modern interiors do not change their taste in décor. “Once an atomic lamp lover, always an atomic lamp lover.” Of course, she still likes friendly dogs with cute names, and she still has that hard-to-define and ever so complicated “relationship” with the local constabulary.

Madison,  well dressed in dressed in vintage fashions in accordance with her company theme right down to the white leather gloves with small bows at the wrist, is frantically trying to restructure an entry in a local design contest after her previous collaborator pulled out. During a business call, she finds someone throwing up in the bathroom, and in an office building not in a dive bar. When her computer is hacked, things go from bad to worse.

The story line is conversation driven as Madison traverses people and places to get what she wants. She shares her thoughts, concerns, plans, and frustrations. The action continues at break-neck speed as she draws on inner independence to succeed, stay out of jail, get her computers repaired, and finish her project.

 “When did life get so complicated? Every day, I do battle. I count on people and they let me down.”

Vallere describes places with specific attention to detail so readers are transported into the midst of situations.

“It appeared as though she’d even taken time to condition the custom wooden desk with a moisturizing oil. The well-sanded surface glowed with a soft radiance that was easily hidden under Post-its, colored pencils, and eraser dust. She must have viewed my hours working at the library as an opportunity to get me organized. Why was it people believed their own form of organization was better than someone else’s? It was one of the major conundrums of our time.”

“Lover Come Hack” is a story with enough action and secrets to keep readers turning the pages but without any headache-inducing trauma. The strength of this series that Madison has changed, adapted, and grown over the course of the six books. This is not a cookie-cutter series with new names in the same old storyline. I was given a review copy of “Lover Come Hack” by Diane Vallere, Henery Press, and Edelweiss. It was quick to read, and I enjoyed every page.