“Under My Skin”

skin“Under My Skin” by Lisa Unger is a psychological thriller told as a first person narrative by Poppy. Her husband was murdered; the killer was never found, and she cannot get past this; she cannot move on.

Readers learn a lot about her right from the start. She is troubled, haunted even, and has only the thinnest grasp on reality. She is stuck in a past she cannot escape. Her past merges with her present, and her imagination intermingles with the truth. To say she is an unreliable narrator is an understatement. Enigmatic characters add to the suspense, and readers are at times as confused about reality as she is.

Poppy is determined to learn the truth about her husband’s death. Readers wonder if she will be able to handle the truth if she finds it. Little by little, she untangles the mystery, and eventually, all the pieces slowly fit together in a startling finish.

I received a copy of “Under My Skin” from Lisa Unger, Harlequin Hanover Square Press, Park Row, and NetGalley. Although “Under My Skin” starts out almost in disarray, things pull together by the end. It becomes a woman’s wild search for truth, and it is full of suspense, drama, and finally answers.