“Mardi Gras Murder”

mardi“Mardi Gras Murder” by Ellen Byron is book four in the Cajun Country Mystery series, but first-time readers will be able to follow along without difficulty. Byron includes any needed background information as part of the current story. A nice list of the “players” is also included to help new and old readers keep track of who is related to whom and who has which job. Small-town Louisiana is full of historic plantations inhabited by endearing and yet quirky people who seem to have a knack for danger and murder. What is bad for them is oh so entertaining for readers.

There is plenty of partying going on at the Crozat Plantation Bed and Breakfast during Mardi Gras on the bayou,  including the expected  parades, pageantry, and compelling food and drink. What is not expected is a flood, oh yes, and an unidentified body.

Byron’s characters are realistic and interesting, and several of them are strong suspects. There is a bit humor thrown in along the way as well. This interesting cozy mystery intertwines solving the mystery with snippets of the area’s historical and cultural details. Bonus material at the end of the book includes additional historical and cultural information as well as recipes specific to the story.

I received a review copy of “Mardi Gras murder” from Ellen Byron, Crooked Lane Books, and NetGalley. It is a fast and enjoyable book to read. One can finish in a short time; there is no headache-inducing stress, and the ending is satisfying.