The President Is Missing

president“The President Is Missing” a collaboration by Bill Clinton, James Patterson, and David Ellis, is a contemporary political thriller with everything a reader would expect from this powerhouse-writing team.  The first person narrative by the President of the United States is interspersed with other points of view that give a different angle to events and help bring out all the unsavory details of the story and its participants.

“The President Is Missing” is a quick read. The chapters are short, many only a page or two. Abundant insider details make the plot relevant and rich in complexity and moral challenges. The action is non-stop, taking place in just over a one-week span, and is filled with action, conspiracy, political mischief, and treachery.

Because of the partnership of Clinton and Patterson, readers cannot help but visualize Bill Clinton as President Jonathan Lincoln Duncan. In fact, some readers have pointed out that Duncan is precisely an improved version of Clinton. The challenge for readers, then, is to picture another president as President Duncan. How do impressions, feelings and opinions change if one pictures  Duncan as Bush? As Obama? As Trump? That change in viewpoint might just change one’s perception of the book as well.